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Sunday, 4 September 2016

The trail of gold.... The Golden Lily?

As with many stories of gold and greed, the tale of the Golden Lily treasure is fraught with rumor and speculation. And, like other accounts concerning fabulous amounts of money and treasure, the word conspiracy is ubiquitously tossed about. I'm not typically drawn to conspiracy theories, but that's not to to say I discount information that might seem at first glance to be preposterous. The human condition is constantly spinning webs of intrigue.
What intrigued me about the Golden Lily is the way in which it was so brilliantly covered up. Of course! Billions of dollars were (and are) at stake. When that kind of money is involved, heads roll, no matter what century you're in. The public's love/hate relationship with banks and other financial institutions continues, mistrust lingers. The fact that so many of these bastions of power are somehow able to finagle their way out of lawsuits (except in Iceland where bad bankers go to prison), does not foster confidence.
Back to the trail of gold. Post WWII ushered in a new era of global economy and gave birth to the current system of international finance. 
"Battered and bankrupt by their long war in Europe and Asia, America's allies had no choice but to stand aside as the U.S. Government set about the 'dollarization' of the global economy." - Gold Warriors: Sterling & Peggy Seagrave 
The Bretton Woods Conference in 1944 (see links below), gave birth to the International Monetary Fund. Gold was assigned a dollar value per ounce and all other currencies were measured against the dollar. It's complex, but relevant to the Golden Lily because the unfolding of these new institutions, laws and alliances laid the groundwork for the formation of the Black Eagle Trust Fund.

Ostensibly set up to launder 'black gold' - looted WWII gold bullion, diamonds, precious stones and other booty - the BETF provided a healthy slush fund that would enable Washington and its Allies the wherewithal to bring pressure on unruly leaders at the end of the Cold War. There is SO much to wade through, which is why most people never bother, and why those that do are painted as 'conspiracy theorists'. My interest in highlighting all of this stems from my research for Pursuit of the Golden Lily. I think it's important to have conversations about these 'shadow' organizations that prop up society as we know it. If we are ever to move forward and embrace more fair and just banking and governance, then surely we must air out the closets of the past, learn from the successes and failures and insist on transparency.
As I begin research for my next novel, I shall share more of these insights. Please follow along if this is something that piques your interest.
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Golden Lily
Bretton Woods Conference
Black Eagle Trust Fund
Gold Warriors by Sterling and Peggy Seagrave

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