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Monday, 22 August 2016

The Last Error... or was it?

If you're a writer, then you probably know the angst of searching for every typo and grammatical error in your final manuscript. If you're self-published, you may also know the frustration of combing through your final proof with a fine-tooth comb, only to discover one more 'to' or 'of'' that mysteriously shows up where you are SURE it was not before. It's quite mind-blowing how a letter or a word can magically appear in the hard copy sent to you by Amazon!
Am I the only one suffering from this malaise of the unseen error? Surely not. 
But never fear, tenacity and fearlessness are here! I have meticulously scrutinized my proofs again and again and I think.... I have found all those errant words lurking in the shadows between letters on the page. I guess I could have hired a proof reader - right? I know. Next time, I think I will. It would probably cost me less than the fees Create Space has charged me for my errant ways. 
But today... I found an angel.
Her name was Amber. She answered my call at Create Space (self-publishing depot at Amazon) - it was the 3rd time I had called regarding the same error (not of my making as it happened). Amber came to the rescue... after apologizing profusely for their mistake, she offered... "Is there anything else I can do for you?" I gulped... there was ONE more extraneous word nestled innocuously where the eye did not expect it to be, rendering it invisible time and time again. A simple, two letter word that meant coughing up yet another $79. Aargh! But I so wanted my book to be perfect, to meet every publishing standard it possibly could.
"Actually," I ventured, "there is something.... "
Yes, sweet Amber snatched that word and threw it away. Hooray. I think we've got it!
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