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Sunday, 24 July 2016

Combining your passion into the story....

                                           Rafflesia: Photo by ma_suska
Rafflesia has the largest known individual flower in the world. This fascinating southeast Asian plant also has the distinction of being one of the stinkiest plants around; its foul-smelling odor attracts carrion insects.

When visiting the rainforest at the Royal Belum State Park in Malaysia last December, the rafflesia we found was not in flower. Our  guide told us that animals eat the fleshy plant despite it's fetid odor, but if a human touches the rafflesia, it dies! Nature never ceases to amaze me, which is why I wanted to be able to include interesting ecological morsels into the storyline of my novel, Pursuit of the Golden Lily. Exploring and experiencing the wonders of the natural world has been a lifelong passion for me. So, as the story seeds planted in the fertile ground of my imagination begin to germinate, I'll be sure to seek out opportunities to continue including aspects of nature in my plot lines.

The photo of this enormous leaf was taken in the rainforest at Royal Belum. The biodiversity that exists in rainforests such as these is extraordinary. Unfortunately the planting of monocultures such the palm oil tree is threatening biodiversity throughout Malaysia and Indonesia. Huge tracts of virgin forest are logged to make way for palm oil plantations and while the boost to the economy in Malaysia is undeniable, it is not sustainable. If you haven't heard about palm oil, just look at the ingredients of your grocery items next time you go shopping. You'll find that palm oil has become a ubiquitous ingredient. Palm oil can be planted and harvested sustainably. Adhering to persistent demands from ecologically minded consumers, Target and Costco have both committed to establishing stronger guidelines for palm oil sourcing. It's a start. There's still a long way to go but never forget that as consumers, we drive the markets. It's never too late to get involved!
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