“Pursuit of the Golden Lily” is a new novel by R. Emery, inspired by her father's WWII POW diary. Initially documenting the author's journey to return the diary to Thailand where it was written, the Blog now follows her experiences as she self-publishes, launches the novel and reflects on topics woven into the narrative.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Following the trail of the book....

My brother Chris joined Marjorie, Ruby and I outside the Thailand Burma Railway Center as we set off in search of some people and places featured in the book. It's fun to write a novel, then get to discover and meet the people and visit the places you've written about! These three supporters have all read Pursuit of the Golden Lily, so it was even more fun to be able to share the experiences with them. First stop....Sam's House!
Rose Jamieson, the protagonist of my novel, stays at Sam's Guest House in Kanchanaburi...so we went to see if Sam the owner really exists and....
Indeed he does! I think he was a little amused and confused  as we all descended on his Guest House babbling about some novel set in Thailand. Mr. Sam has been running his guesthouse since 1998, the year Rose Jamieson went to stay! There were a few other coincidences that I'll highlight at the end of the book... don't want to give anything away! Lots of Thais drive scooters and someone special in the book rides a motorcycle...so... we had a laugh pretending he might be around.
Found a phone booth, so made a quick call to Zen (he's a principle character in the novel). Of course it just happened to be a British Call Box!
I've been leaving 'a certain special someone' from the book, messages hidden in nooks and crannies all over Thailand. I hope he finds one! Now that would be spectacular!
And as for food... well I had to try Rose's favorite... Fried Green Papaya Salad
from ZabZabs! The best!
Stay tuned... as Zen's angels keep following the trail of Pursuit of the Golden Lily!

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