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Monday, 26 October 2015

Spirit Houses

The tradition of Spirit Houses in Thailand dates back centuries. Originating in Animism, or spirit worship, which was the most common religious practice in the region thousands of years ago, the beliefs integrated easily with Buddhist philosophy. The purpose of the Spirit House is to provide an attractive sanctuary for the spirits, or celestial beings who would otherwise reside in the heavens.
Spirit Houses are placed before homes, businesses, temples, food markets, gardens... basically everywhere people would like to pay homage and respect to the spirits.
Many Thai people pray to the Phra Bhum Jowthee, or Guardian Spirits of the Land.  There are nine guardians - each one offering a different kind of protection. The only two spirits that have permanent houses dedicated to them are the Guardian of the House and the Guardian of the Garden. The other seven Guardians include: the Protector of Gates and Stairwells, the Protector of Animals, the Protector of Storehouses and Barns, the Protector of Forests, Mountains, Fields and Paddles, the Protector of Temples, the Protector of Water and the Protector of Forts and Defense.
While traditional offerings are often flowers, food and beverages, we noticed one had a cigar discreetly placed!! 

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